Grow into a Song
(c) 1982 Tupelo Kenyon
(P) 1982 Arctic Wingsong Publishing BMI

Every time that I see your face, hear your voice and I count the ways
How much I miss your harmony
Every time that you come around, it feels so good when I hear the sound
Sweet subtle counter melody
But you can find me beside this river, just ‘a hopin’ you can come along
To add your touch to the empty spots, until the melody can grow into a song
You know I knew that it could all along

Every time that we have the chance, it never happens cause of circumstance
Yeah, it's so hard to find the time
"Just so busy" is an old cliche, for "Gee I'd really like to go, but not today"
You see I'm running way behind
And I'll be running down this river, just as fast as I can lope along
And if you'd add your touch, it would help so much for the melody to grow into a song
You know we knew that it could all along

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