Wrap Your Wings Around
©2004 Tupelo Kenyon

Draw a little closer, and wrap your wings around
Sing a little louder, so I can hold the sound
Cradle me in tenderness, and rock me to slow down
Draw a little closer, and wrap your wings around

It probably just seems this way, I can't believe it's true
That my angel guides would leave me here, to see what I would do
Watching from a distance, so I could feel alone
To feel my personal power, on my way back home


All the little details of my life showed up on time
So why would I be wondering, it's different this time
Listening for whispering, a still small voice within
Please, a little louder, cause I'm still listenin'

Maybe you are just too close to feel your warm embrace
Feeling my emotions, sharing the same space
My innermost imaginings, in this lonely place
Please, give my hand a little squeeze, just in case

Repeat last line

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