Way of the World
©P2004 Tupelo Kenyon

The robin turns his head . . . and zeroes in on the worm
Oblivious that a calico cat is rounding the last turn
While the red tail hawk folds his wings in a silent dive for the cat
Behind the trees, the artist sees, a feather for his hat

It's just the way of the world, It's just the way of the world,
It's really nothing . . . personal, It's just the way of the world

As the comet lights the night, beyond our darkened eyes
Oblivious to all of us, who don't look to the skies
Focused on the thunder, don't hear the heavens sigh
While space is torn and stars are born, and galaxies collide


And the days become a year, and the years roll into a lifetime
Sinking through the sands of time, reaching out for a lifeline
So much to see outside, just going for the ride
And hope it's not too personal . . . to spend time . . . inside


Now it's happening every moment, far too big to see
It's all too much . . . to do it all, so passion is the key
It's a question of perspective, alive to pick and choose
It's where we aim our focus that brings it all into view

Chorus, repeat with “It’s absolutely natural”, fade out

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