Trash Our Treasures
© 2004 Tupelo Kenyon

Like moonlight on the water
It shimmers and it shines
It glimmers like a ray of hope
Behind the battle lines

But seeing little in the dark
We resort to desperate measures
Groping blind, we treasure our trash
And then, we trash our treasures . . . we trash our treasures

Like the drip upon a stone
With patience never ending
And confidence it will get through
The message that it's sending

But it's so hard to penetrate
Through all that dirt and grime
It's real, but doesn't really matter
It's just a matter of time . . . just a matter of time

With shadows dancing on the wall
Inside the darkened cave
We squint and then mistake it for
The brilliant light of day

Bedazzled by the phantom shapes
Proclaim them real and new
With sunlight blazing ever on
Just beyond our view . . . just beyond our view

Repeat Verse 1

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