Miracle in Disguise
©2004 Tupelo Kenyon

We could call it a coincidence, if that would be better for you
But the way that it all fell into place, was more than I could do
Is that a glimmer of recognition, fleeting in our eyes
A random act of happenstance, or a miracle in disguise

I'm counting on a miracle, expecting a surprise
Insight right between the eyes . . . or a miracle in disguise

Such a gentle whispering, barely there at all
If it was clear, for cryin' out loud, it'd be easier to make the call
Is it marching to a phantom drummer, immagination or lies
Or the leading edge of pure creation, a miracle in disguise

Chorus, Break (verse structure)

Is it synchronicity, or simply random chance
And do I necessarilly, have to take a stance
One way or the other, a blessing or it's cruel
Who can tell, and who decides . . . the seer or the fool

Chorus twice
Or a miracle

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