Low Maintenance Relationship
© 2000 Tupelo Kenyon

It’s been a month ‘a summers, I’d like to see you again
An’ get caught up on how in the world you’ve been (and where have you been)
And we’ll pick it up where we left off, before this opportunity ends
Cause it’s easy, for low maintenance friends

Give me a low maintenance relationship
One that carries on from right where you left it
Don’t fuss about it, no need to nurture
It‘s a low maintenance relationship

And I once had another lover, high maintenance
Been there, loved that, but just once (only once)
Shouldn’t have to work so hard, shouldn’t take so long
Now it’s easy singin’ a low maintenance song


And I once knew a mother, brother . . . high maintenance
And what are you gonna do with folks like that (just gimme a cat)
You learn a lot of patience, learn to let it be
Even though it's anything but easy

Singin’ a song, light and breezy
Everything’s cruisin’ along
Nothin’ wrong with makin’ it easy
Before we gotta say so long ... Break (Chorus structure)

And it feels just like a lifetime . . . In the wink of an eye
But I catch a glimpse of you as time flies by (by and by)
And when this journey’s over, I’ll be lookin’ for you, ya know
Even though the maintenance was low


Yeah, it’s a low maintenance relationship
Give me a low maintenance relationship
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