Within Without
(c) 1994 Tupelo Kenyon
(P) 1994 Arctic Wingsong Publishing BMI

The universe is very full of little more than space
Although a billion zillion stars brighten up the place
From here to anywhere out there just seems so far to me
Still, galaxies and solar systems spin in harmony

And even tiny atoms are mostly empty space
Electrons orbit neutrons at any time and place
From here to anywhere in there just seems so far to me
Still atoms, quarks and molecules spin in harmony

The order of the universe remains within, without
And it doesn't seem that different lookin' in or lookin' out
The atoms spin like solar systems on a smaller scale
And the eye of the beholder makes them grandiose or pale

And what if it's all just the same, apart by space and time
And regardless of our thought, remains the reason and the rhyme
And what if distant starlight . . . shining in the endless sky
Is just the same, by a different name, as the twinkle in your eye

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