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"Laughing Bird Celebrate the Journey"

Live, In Concert Video on DVD
2 hours, 32 minutes
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Laughing Bird’s “Celebrate the Journey” DVD is a trip through time – celebrating travel, harmony and humor. This lively retrospective is an overview of Tupelo and Janey Wing Kenyon’s unique lifestyle as a touring musical duo, on the road together since the mid 70’s.

You’ll see concert videos spanning the decades from 20 diverse locations: concert halls, resorts, outdoor festivals, college pubs, plus locations well off the beaten track like house concerts, Yellowstone National Park, and a sunset serenade aboard the sailboat “Crystal”.

Informative personal interviews are interwoven with their music . . . highlighting the dedication, the passion, and the commitment to their art and to each other. Laughing Bird’s diversity is showcased by the 25 songs included in this collection . . . songs that tickle the funny bone . . . songs that touch the heart.

Laughing Bird’s high-spirited show is an inspiring and entertaining way to celebrate the journey . . . looking back . . . looking ahead. Joyfully. Good tunes . . . Good times. Total time: 2 hrs. 32 min.

Contents of the entire "Celebrate the Journey" video:

1. Preview: Overview of our first 25 years. (7 Min.)
2. Part 1: Traveler
3. Life is Too Important to be Taken Seriously
4. Stuff, Stuff, Stuff, Stuff
5. All That We Take With Us
6. She’s Got You
7. Urge to Submerge
8. Spoon Tune (Includes Interview)
9. Merlin’s Magic Spoons
10. Endless Journey (Includes Interview)
11. Interview - Comedy and Laughter
12. Mechanical Wife
13. Interview - Inspiration from Traveling
14. Moon to Moon
15. I’m Goin’ Fishin’
16. Kissin’ Don’t Last
17. What Would Love Do Now
18. Wrap Your Wings Around
19. The Road
20. I’d Still Marry You
21. Caribbean Rum
22. Sally O, the Yodeling Auctioneer
23.Interview - The Songwriting Process
24. May You Have Joy
25. Discography - Intermission
26. Part 2: Roots and Boots
27. Dexter’s Happy Feet (Includes Interview)
28. Interview - Our History and Venues
29. That’s What I Like About the North
30. Celebrate Life
31. Why Are We “Laughing Bird”?
32. Preacher and the Bear
33. Credits and Out-takes
34. Contact Info

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