Listener Comments about "Here Like a River"


I truly loved the CD. And without a doubt, it is your best work yet. You
should be very proud as I am sure you are. I specifically put my CD player
with head phones in my carry-on from Seattle to Boston so I could listen.
It made my looooooooooong flight totally enjoyable for over an hour.

Here we were on our connecting flight from St. Louis to Boston, Monte's
reading Winging It and I'm listening to Here Like A River. Wow, could we
feel your presence. You guys are an inspiration.

I had my little purse size note pad and pen in front of me while I listened
to Here Like a River on the plane so I wouldn't forget some specific
thoughts so here's sharing:

Moon to Moon: harmonies and guitar
Angels Around Us: Wow, Tupe's voice, harmonies, electric guitar and production
Soul in the Stars: Janey's vocal performance! Love the yodel
Urge to Submerge: !!!
Blue Water: electric sequence
Time of Our Lives: love high hat sound
Story Belt: fade into - Moody Blues
A Million Miles Away: Jeannie’s Back-up Vocals!
What Would Love Do Now: Love It
Take the Plunge: Tupe beautiful vocal and BCKS!!
Handyman Hell: (I drew a smile)
Where Onlt Freedom Freedom Flies: Beautiful
No, Yes: Great
Takin My Time: Primo production!
Here: Janey's vocal is Incredible!
Life Is a River: Fabulous ending. Cool sounds, guitar, then sounds again!!!!

(Here's some overall stuff I didn't want to forget: Love the production - clean and clear. Love the song selection and sequence, love the humor and variety. Time went fast!)

Guys, I enjoyed it so much. I'm really happy for you. - You did an absolutely fabulous job on that CD. You should be extremely proud of yourself. I'm proud of you. - JoAnn Molloy, Alaska


Hi Kids... Finally got a chance to listen to your new “Here Like a River” CD yesterday...LOVED IT!!!! You did a wonderful job from top to bottom. Great songs, great performances, great arrangements and great sounds!!! Definitely your best work to date. My favorite is mmmm let me think .................... “Angels Around Us”, but I truly enjoyed it all and will many times to come. You should be proud of yourself, I'm proud of ya!

Love to you both, Monte Davis, Alaska


This morning the snow was so pretty and fluffy. Perfect for making angels, so that's what we did...Ginny & I before we went on our walk. It's been so quiet around here after the holidays...just me and the angels. I also wanted Tupe to know how much I love the words to the "Angels Around Us" song. Your message came thru to me loud and clear the other day, when I'd been struggling to feel or see their presence, when I heard you sing...maybe before you can see it you've got to believe it. So today I've vowed to quit working so hard to fix things on my own and learn to turn it over and trust the guidance God is sending me. He's definately been sending me some angels for friends lately (you two included) and for that I am thankful. Anyway, I hope you are having fun! Just wanted to share how your music makes a difference in people's lives even when you aren't around. That must feel good to know that what you do touches people's hearts. Take Care of U! Paula in Story, WY


Jeanne and I listened to the new album and we enjoyed it very much - Leo Glover, Santa Ynez, CA


As I write this big THANK YOU note, I'm listening to your new CD with
headphones. Superb, excellent, uplifting, inspiring, bluesy and
recorded/mixed perfectly. Great JOB! As of the moment, my favorites are Moon to Moon, Angels Around Us, Blue Water and of course No,Yes! Without a doubt, I enjoy all the songs, but those are my favorites as of the second listening. You see, we put it on the stereo first thing. I'm only now getting to the headphones. Ah, Story Belt just came on. Sounds familiar, eh? I like your vocals. Also, good job tailoring in the sound effects too (birds and water on Moon to Moon)

Okay, tell me, What Would Love Do Now? I'd say give both of you big hugs! I
just have one question for you. We enjoy this CD and book so much that we
want to know when the next book and CD are scheduled to come out? Okay,
enjoy the moment of accomplishment--and what great ones too. Thanks
again for the best gift of all ... a part of you! We love it. There's no
better gift than to share yourself. - Bruce Young, KS


Bill and I listened to Handyman Hell a few more songs from your latest CD on our way home. We had a good chuckle over Handyman Hell. You have really done well for yourselves. I have been watching you create the life you love and I admire the successful way you support yourselves with your talents and art. This is a magnificent feat in this physical world. - Deb Mann, TN

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