Listener Comments about "Celestial Sounds of Harmony and Light"

The CD is great!!!! I loved the cover! We played it for Tai Chi class Saturday and everyone loved it. I've been putting the CD on after the long difficult days we've had of late, and your music instantly transports us to another place. All the hassles melt away and only harmony remains! Thanks so much! Your music has been a true blessing! - Dr. Martha Sarasua, Gulf Breeze, FL


Lidia and I are amazed at the ability you guys have to concentrate and whip out creative projects. Your CD’s a masterpiece, Tupe. You hit a home run my friend. You’ve got us wanting more, so don’t stop.

I just ran upstairs to get the CD and guess what? Ms. Lidia Young has taken it to work with her. Boy, nothing like pulling it right off my CD player and hogging it. How dare she bogart one of our prize CDs.

Anyway, I wanted to dash off a note about the fabulous and joyful surprise from our postman. Keep having a blast and pumping out those creations. We send lots of love and good vibrations your way. - Bruce Young, Kansas City, MO


Your CD is WONDERFUL. I have absconded with it and poor Bruce can't find it because it's in my car and I play it constantly during my hour (at least) in the car every day. It is great to meditate to ... (which I do not do while driving!) I contemplate to your Celestial Sounds CD often. Something extra wonderful happened one morning. An owl was hooting along to it while perched on our chimney. It was remarkable! That first cut especially sends me right out of my body in nothing flat. It's great. I am enjoying it immensely. Bruce really likes it too. I hope you are as proud of it as you deserve to be. Lidia Young - Kansas City, KS


I do my yoga to your Celestial Sounds CD everyday. I just love it. You have really hit it perfect with that one, I reckon. The sound you have created really takes me to another plane, another world, and it feels so peaceful and in harmony there. So thank you very much for that. Its a very special CD to us both and it definitely gets well used and well loved. Kim Charteris-Wright, Duneeden, New Zealand


I have to give you an A+ on the original melodies and execution of Celestial Sounds. - Jimmy Johnson, Nashville, TN


“Celestial Sounds of Harmony and Light” is like a smorgasbord of universes, and you come in and out of them like a dream without really noticing the movements. The music breathes with life and seems interactive instead of something you only hear with your ears.

There are plenty of open spaces to allow the listener to participate with his own spiritual experience.

The rhythms blend into one another without forcing the listener into a structured little box. Instead, you are able to participate with the rhythmical changes with your own body rhythms, heartbeat and breath. “Celestial Sounds” allows you to become peaceful enough so you can feel the heartbeat of spirit as the music breathes you. It’s a mental pick-me-up, an emotional breath of fresh air, and a spiritual massage. - Joe Correia, Hot Springs, AR


Thanks for the CD, sounds perfect and in tune with it's intention, dig the cover too! - Jake Bryant


There are no words to communicate to you the depth and beauty of the sounds you have created. I know so many will be touched with this special work. Things are so crazy here, in the moment I am listening to the Celestial Sounds CD, and for the first time today, I feel at peace. God, Tupelo I have never heard such beautiful sounds.

One thing I notice is that when I listen to it while I am working on the computer I really get my channels .

The CD is wonderful. Perfect in every way. The cd is a work of universal art. It opens the mind to the quiet of the universe and brings in the stillness of the great spirit and allows doors to open that would have otherwise remained closed. You are both a gift from spirit. love trish - Trish Sanders, Spirit Walker - Gulf Breeze, FL


Your Celestial Sounds CD has arrived and been heard in the background once. Put me in a really nice place! We are both looking forward to giving it more attention soon. Nice cover, too. ;^) - Bill Mann


Now about your CD. How Wonderful! Very relaxing and peaceful. My favorites are Rainbow Hue, Earthtones and Blue Sky Traveler/Sky belt. Those didgeridoos are awesome.
Overall a very impressive effort, (from someone who knows from personal experience how long all of this takes). Kudos to the artist (formerly known as Tupe)! Keep up the good work. Mike Hutchens, Nashville, TN


Your new CD has been gratefully received. It's great music. I personally liked it the two mornings I listened to it as a Relaxation and "Set the tone for the day" CD. I took it with me this past Wednesday to my Tai Chi class. Connie, our teacher, played it for the hour that we did our class. There are about 30 to 60 students (all seniors) each week. Many positive comments!. - Jim Berry, Springfield, MO


Lets see, the truth is that Celestial Sounds is truly motivational. If I ever don't feel like starting my yoga early in the morning, all I have to do is turn on the music and the first song draws me into my practice. By rhythmically combining breathing through the Sun Salutation to the perfect count of the first cut (Rainbow Hue), I find myself awake, warmed up and ready to move into the Moon series for the second cut. The tinkle twinkle breaks between the cycles of cut 1 provide the perfect rest and inner focus times before moving into the subsequent rounds of the flowing Sun Salutation asana.

After the first two cuts and thus completing the sun salutations and moon series, I then easily flow into other postures. Whenever I'm ready to rest in the corpse pose, the music is gentle accompaniment to deeper relaxation.

Celestial Sounds is also fine accompaniment to dinner with friends as we
have experienced with Gerbrig and Harvey. Imagine candles, flowers, friends, food and fine music. What a sacred communion of sharing we had! The energy of the music seemed to envelop us and assist us in creating harmony. - Kim Soltero, the Crystal sailboat, Caribbean


Hi Janey and Tupelo. I received a CD with your latest output, Celestial Sounds of Harmony and Light. Love it tremendously! I like the obvious meditative quality, and it moved me. The fact that your dynamic was behind it made it also very special. Harvey and I have enjoyed listening to it and will in the future. It will always remind us of the unforgettable time we spent together. Out of the universe we were suddenly put together with this wonderful group of people. We are very thankful for that. We are still together and miss you but you left your spark. Thank you for that also.

I enjoy an energy in the music on your Celestial Sounds CD which is quite unusual. I thought I’d mention it ... Although it leads one into a quite space, it does not seem to leave one there. It seems to have much more of an energizing quality. When Harvey and I arrived here we were in a not-so-happy place. Being here has been a healing experience. You two were very much part of that. So, also for that, thanks are in place. Gerbrig and Harvey, sailboat in the Caribbean


Tena Koe e oku Rangatira mo nga waiata ana mo koe Tupelo,
(greetings to our chiefly musicians and to you who is Tupelo),

We the Maori have a proverb That goes like this
Whakarongo ki te karekare o nga ngaru tua whitu o Tangaroa kia kaukaungia e
koe kia puta te te rangimarireme na mena e kore e whakana to wairua rapua te
karanga tuatahi te ngaru tua waru kua tena te kai patu o te ngangara i kai te Wairua,

Translation goes something like this:

"When in pain and confusion, go to the sea and listen to and bathe in the ebb and flow of the seven waves of Tangaroa (sea divinity), that the reflected peace of the heavens may heal you

If your spirit is still not healed and rested, go to the very first call/song/music of the universe which sits on the eighth wave. This is where you will find the power to destroy the worm that eats at the soul of those in pain and confusion."

And so it is for me and my family when we sat and listened to your CD . My brother Ray and I spent this past weekend listening to it, we played your C D to our uncle and he was really blessed with it. So, once again, thank you very much for your wonderful music.

Na Manaki tanga o te Runga
Rawa ki runga ia koutou katoa

Arohanui Patrick Ruka of the Maori, New Zealand


I go for physiotherapy and a deep tissue massage every week, I brought the
Celestial sounds album with me and we played it during my session. It was a
perfect score and extremely relaxing. We both enjoyed it.

She asked me for pricing if she were to buy 10 and see if there is a market
amongst her customers.

Let me know what you charge and do you have any other albums that can be
considered as appropriate for massage therapy sessions.

Ray Rizos, Burnaby, BC, Canada

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