Listener Comments about "Anthology - The First 20 Years"

Finally, a song like Stuff, stuff, Stuff, humorously exposes binding issues and stimulates more free, compassionate, and expansive attitudes and thought. And don't forget the captivating harmony and
arrangement of Old time Movie.

These are some of the thoughts and feelings I have about your music. I could go on. Shall I write about the resonance with the earth I feel when you sing Moon to Moon? How did you capture the magic of an ancient sacred rainforest ceremonial site in a song? - Kim Soltero, the Crystal sailboat, Carribean


"Anthology - The First 20 Years": "When Our Ship Comes In" makes me smile 'cause Tupe and Janey's ship came in when they met and combined their extraordinary talents to create a very special team which will live forever through their wonderful music. - Becky Dayhuff, TN


Hi to You Tupe and Janey - I am still in the west caribbean, looking for you to get off the bus and say you are playing at so and so tonight . . . For the most happy days of my life was when you were playing at Mad Annie's on Caye Caulker. I got only one of your CDs at at the time, "Anthology", and it took me 3 years to get a new player to hear the sound that you play.

IT WAS GOOD AND I PLAYED IT MORE THAN THE REST OF THE 300 CDS I HAVE, and yes I need to get all your other CDs from you. I am now in Guatemala on the Rio Dulce. - Big John on the Mongoose sailboat


Tears in my eyes as I listen from my computer to 'Home is Where' and 'Colors of the Rainbow' as I remember the happy time spent with you guys in Anchorage recording. Wow... What a web site you guys, beautiful. I'd like to order 3 CDs . . . - Jane Eisemann, AK


Thanks for the wonderful music you two make! I've enjoyed it for many years. - Lori Benham, MO


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